Working for banks, insurances, and other companies our consultants have enabled our clients to achieve their goals in the following projects (selection):
  • Bank Merger Coordination
    Coordination of a bank’s Private Banking, Investment Banking, and Asset Management merger. Initial organisational and technological consolidation to prepare and assure readiness for day one.
  • Sarbanes Oxley Implementation
    Analysis of balance sheet and profit accounting end-to-end processes. Design of corporate governance principles, implementation of controls for identified failure points, and launch of tracking system.
  • Global Efficiency Initiative
    Coordination of a bank’s efficiency initiative to reduce IT costs per employee, enhance the current inventory management processes, allow for transparency, and improve overall governance.
  • New IT Platform – Strategy Definition and Implementation
    Development of the bank’s new IT platform strategy. Build up a new IT platform with a common service level to improve operation efficiency, hardware utilisation, and client service offerings.
  • IT Operations Outsourcing
    Prepare outsourcing of an insurance’s complete IT operations organisation to a third party. Coordination of due diligence, contracts, and SLAs with external provider.
  • Investment Governance Portfolio Management
    Implementation and coordination of a bank wide investment governance process to increase the return on investment and improve budget allocation.
  • Large Scale Worldwide Marketing Campaign
    Organisation of various events for internal and external audiences in the course of a bank’s 150 year anniversary ceremonies. Introduction of branding messages and responsibility for the development of employee awards and publications.
  • Global Portfolio, Project and Resource Management Tool
    Implementation, rollout, and sustainable adaptation of a new project portfolio management application. Simplification of existing process and tool landscape for project portfolio and resource management. Optimisation of information quality and flow for top management and other stakeholders.
  • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive Introduction
    Implementation of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) in the private banking division to enhance investor protection, increase market transparency, assure best possible results for the clients, and improve record keeping of transaction related data.
  • Cross-Asset Trading Applications
    Coordination of multiple projects in the FX cross-assets sector for enhancement or new development of front office applications and front to end processes. Integration of new applications into existing landscape, re-engineering of user interfaces, re-design of process flows, and deployment of enhancement releases to global application landscape.
  • New Client Reporting
    Design and implementation of an integrated, modular, and consistent customer reporting for private and institutional clients. Launching of a new portfolio management system.
  • Infrastructure and Processes for Communication Journaling
    Design, build, and deploy a technology infrastructure to enable the journaling and retention of all electronic communications worldwide. Definition of processes and assurance that all relevant information is stored to a searchable data archive.
  • New Products, Terms, and Conditions Application
    Decommissioning of the existing system and implementation of a new application for core banking functionalities. Proof-of-concept for the adoption of a third party standard software and a new architectural framework. Business analysis and requirements management of periodical encashment for payments, single, and custodian accounts.
  • Global Advisory Tool for External Asset Managers
    Coordinate user acceptance testing and sign-off process of an application for external asset managers to create investment recommendations on the basis of customer’s risk profile. Define acceptance criteria and manage all verification activities.
  • Human Resources Transformation
    Streamline structure, processes, and capabilities of existing organisation to optimally support line and project managers.
  • Synthetic Test Data
    Development of systems and processes to generate synthetic test data. Providing data to offshore test environments, while remaining compliant with Swiss banking confidentiality laws.
  • Web Entry Server High Availability Setup
    Improvement of internet-based customer services to state-of-the-art high availability. Realisation of an advanced failover concept and server security environment, optimization of maintenance, and preparation of infrastructure for global operation.